Gold Goats ‘n Guns Live – Trump and Putin Building the Grand Bargain in the Middle East?

All of the little announcements coming from around the world, especially from Syria, leads me to the overwhelming conclusion that President Trump has finally won some major battles within his White House to begin reshaping U.S. foreign policy.

This will take on even greater significance over the next ten days as the NATO Summit and his first summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin takes place.  His opposition domestically are losing their minds even quicker than they are losing their credibility as Trump seeks to de-escalate geopolitical tensions with traditional rivals while calling out the fecklessness of our allies.

We talk about this and why Elijah Magnier’s latest report of the U.S. preparing to leave its base at al-Tanf in South Central Syria is so important.

Grand Bargain Taking Shape?  U.S. to Leave al-Tanf

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5 thoughts on “Gold Goats ‘n Guns Live – Trump and Putin Building the Grand Bargain in the Middle East?

  1. Spot on. The one thing I can’t figure out is if Trump’s Iran rhetoric is just a theatrical build up or if he truly has a hard-on for them. I’m 50 and I barely remember the embassy hostage affair that happened while I was in 8th grade only because even then I was paying attention. That event was equivalent to 9/11 back then for any American over about 55 today in 2018. So that would be most of the current generation of the powers that be in Washington DC, and will be for the next 20 odd years too.

    • I think Trump’s rhetoric about Iran is 50% bullshit and 50% real. I think he knows there is a deal to be worked out which keeps Iran from being cut off completely but he’s not going to give anyone a clue as to what that is.

      The signs will likely come out of the summit with him and Putin as well as some crumbs from the NATO summit.

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