Gold Goats ‘n Guns Live -India, Turkey Iran and How the U.S. is Losing its Grip

When watching the day-to-day ups and downs of politics it’s important to keep all time frames in mind.  Today the world is obsessed with Trump’s regime change in Iran policy.

But, will it matter in the end?

No.  The reason for this is that while in the short run the U.S. may get what it wants — the Mullahs overthrown — but it won’t lead to its preferred state of affairs.  Today’s stream, shorter and more focused, reminds us that the things that happen today cannot affect the unfolding long term trends.

These events are a lot of noise while the broader sweep of China’s rise, Russia’s re-emergence will overwhelm the infighting of the West which will ultimately culminate in Eurasian integration.

Countries like Turkey and India understand this and will negotiate for the best deals for themselves by playing everyone off of each other.  They have all the leverage in the long run even if it means some political and economic pain in the short run.

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