Gold Goats ‘n Guns Live – Putin/Trump Summit Should be About Syria

Building on yesterday’s blog I covered a number of the reasons why I feel when President Trump and Russian President sit down to talk they should focus their attention on solving the ever-complicating problem in Syria,

Over the weekend I wrote up my initial thoughts on this for an article published this morning by Strategic Culture Foundation.  

Syria has been nothing short of a disaster for the entire world. It is the breeding ground for most of the hot button issues du jour. The knock-on effects of trying to create a failed state in Syria (and Libya, Egypt and others) are the wedge issues in global geopolitics.

Immigration. Budget deficits. Trade barriers. Sanctions. Identity politics. Refugee treatment. Border Security.

All of it fuels a fugue of manufactured outrage and subsequent virtue signaling by the Cultural Marxists on the Left and the stiffening of resistance to their desire to destroy communities on the Right.

And all of it traces back to a planned invasion of Europe and the US through destabilizing countries in the Middle East and North Africa (Europe) and Central America (the US). Trump and Putin are both pursuing policies that are fracturing the post-WWII political order, albeit in different ways and for different reasons.

Both men see the battlegrounds as opportunities for change.

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3 thoughts on “Gold Goats ‘n Guns Live – Putin/Trump Summit Should be About Syria

  1. I’m operating on the premise that dollar hegemony ends eventually. It’s either a sudden chaotic process as the result of conflict, or that suddenness creates conflict. To prevent that, the grown-ups have to make the process a gradual one. In practice that probably involves the world fissioning into trading zones, each with a regional reserve or dominant currency with inter-zone trade mediated in something like the SDR. The ultimate composition of that “bancor” is another topic in and of itself, but big question in my mind is how does one prepare for, and initiate, such a gradual change. Well, the way I see it you would need to make your region mostly self-sufficient. To do that you need to on-shore/re-shore a large fraction of the industry that was sent overseas. Then it becomes a question of what incentives are needed to make that happen. In that light all of the recent tariff action takes on a new light.

    So as much as I enjoy a good PCR rant, because he usually hits pretty close to the mark, I think he’s missing the big picture on this one. IE, I think the second order effect is actually the primary goal here.

    Lots of balls up in the air right now…

    • Yep. And I think the idea of full globalization with national currencies and debt is not the path to sustainability. It’s why the elites are ultimately fighting crypto and the creation of a monetary system that doesn’t need them to be managed and for them to skim from.

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