Angela Merkel is in serious trouble in Germany and pat of the reason why is the U.S.’s insistence on dragging out the war in Syria for no tangible benefit at this point.  The net effect of our continued presence there will be to red-pill even more Americans that the Syrian ‘Civil War’ was a U.S. policy to be fought through Salafist head-chopping animals with backing and support from Israel, the U.K. and France.

Merkel’s troubles stem from the planned immigration flood engendered by this policy and now she’s paying the political price for it.  Trump, for his part, may be trying to untie this know by requesting and setting up an unwanted summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin for next month.

While some folks feel the summit is either a waste of time or should focus on other areas, the upside surprise could easily be Trump and Putin working out the real framework for the Middle East Grand Bargain which will truly deconflict major areas of Syria and allow displaced Syrians in Turkey and Lebanon to go home and begin rebuilding their lives.

Merkel’s Troubles Began in Syria and End in Italy

Merkel’s Troubles Began in Syria and End in Italy

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