Gold Goats ‘n Guns Live – Germany’s Unrest and Trump’s Aluminum Gambit

Watching the slow-motion destruction of Angela Merkel’s political career is something I’ve looked forward to for a long time.  It may finally be here, but her opponents have to move carefully and make all the right moves otherwise Merkel will slither out of her predicament stronger than ever.

That said, President Trump’s full-court press for energy and industrial metal dominance in world markets has created some fascinating counter-moves.  I give a run-down of the effects of Russia’s massive $48 billion dump of U.S. Treasuries in April and how that will change the markets in the long run.

Stay around for the argument about macroeconomics towards the end and why so many people have been convinced of things about trade deficits, money printing and interest rates that simply are not true.

Crossing the 16% Chasm is AfD’s Goal in Merkel Fight

Russia Dumed $47 Billion in Treasuries in April

Mr. Trump Attacks Aluminum, Russia Attacks the Debt

Austrian Business Cycle Theory

Why the Trade Deficit is both irrelevant and potentially a net positive

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