We covered a lot of ground last night as President Trump and Kim Jong-un began their historic meeting in Singapore.  This was an unqualified good thing to behold.  Trump needed to talk to Kim and vice versa.

The Korean War needs to officially end.  Yesterday’s meeting didn’t solve that issue, but this is the most important first step in the process.  Trump should be applauded for showing up.  He should also be applauded for doing something concrete after the summit concluded.

Kim showed good faith by returning prisoners and shutting down his nuclear weapons testing facility before the summit.  The churlishness of the U.S. political chattering class is boundless and they will continue to sabotage this process until they are finally removed kicking and screaming from the stage.

Meanwhile in Italy, the destruction of the European Union is proceeding apace as Interior Minister Matteo Salvini defies Angela Merkel by closing Italy’s ports to NGO-backed migrant ships.  George Soros is apoloplectic.

I expect he will spend even more money to undermine and fight the opposition to his New World Order.  I also expect that if he lives another five years (and why wouldn’t he, vampires as rich as he is can suck all the blood they want) he’ll wind up over-playing his hand and wind up with his assets siezed, his sons in prison and he’ll die alone, penniless under house-arrest.

This is not only my dream but a prediction.  It will end badly for him and all the people he backs.  Germany is the wedge issue in Europe.  As always, this is NSFW because I simply can’t control myself.

G6? 7? 8? How About the Gang that Can’t Shoot Straight

G-6? 7? 8? How About the Gang That Can’t Shoot Straight?

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