President Trump is trying to remake U.S. foreign policy such that he can bring the troops home and rule the world through continued financial dominance.  In an outstanding article at Strategic Culture Foundation, Alistair Crooke lays out the argument (see link below).

Trump will not be successful because of Triffin’s Paradox, among other things.  The sheer inefficiency and cost of maintaining a military/financial empire, even if the military part is mostly drones and nuclear missiles, is staggeringly vast.

And it, not the Democrats/Globalists, is what has drained America of its vitality.  With Putin and Xi affirming an alliance and calling for an overhaul of the United Nations at this weekend’s SCO Summit, the battle lines are clearly drawn.  Now is the moment when the globalists have to cut bait and allow the EU to break free of U.S. control or watch Europe sink into irrelevancy.

Putin and Xi understand this.  Trump is pushing them off the cliff … and Nordstream 2 is the wedge issue that brings it all together.

Salvini is the Real Deal in Italy

Salvini is the Real Deal in Italy’s Fight With Brussels

The Next Stage of Iran Pressure – Lower Oil Prices

Next Stage of Pressure on Iran – Lower Oil Prices

Nordstream 2 Reveals the Extent of U.S. Weakness

Nordstream 2 Reveals the Extent of U.S. Weakness

What Trump’s Energy Domination Means for the World

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