Riffing off of my blog post from earlier today, I go over why Italy’s new coalition agreement gives German Chancellor Angela Merkel the opportunity to break with the U.S. on Foreign Policy while saving face with her ever–growing domestic opposition.

Also, why the Trump administration is moving down a very dangerous path with its over-the-top rhetoric on North Korean peace talks.  I answer questions from the peanut gallery and even talk about local hay prices.

All that and more in an hour and four.

Ruminations on Geopolitics, Financial Markets and Cryptocurrencies

Italy Forming the Epicenter of the EU’s Fateful Shift

Italy is Forming the Epicenter of the EU’s Fateful Shift

Emerging Markets are Getting Crushed and the Dollar just Started Rising:

Gold Below $1300. Ugly Technical Breakdown:

U.S. Dollar is Rallying: Right on Schedule

Emerging Markets Hit with Biggest Outflows since 2016

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