Donald Trump has betrayed his base completely.  Yesterday’s shameful countenance of the massacre of lightly-armed Arabs was the breaking point.  Viewed dispassionately, yesterday’s confrontation was between those of the jailer and the jailed.

The result was predictable and horrific.

But, putting that aside for a moment, let’s look at the current situation.  Trump’s reasons for leaving the JCPOA lie in direct opposition to his stated campaign goals.  Calling the JCPOA the “worst deal in history” he has consistently tied the money part of the deal to Iran’s ‘terrorism.’

But, is this terrorism they are supporting or Trump’s own stated goals of bringing us home from Afghanistan and Syria after destroying ISIS?

The Witching Hour

Before even winning the election Trump has been the subject of the greatest political witch hunt in the history of our country.  This is a coordinated effort spanning multiple alphabet agencies in our own government, foreign governments, former Obama administration officials, US NGO’s, Wall St. oligarchs and the the DNC, or do I repeat myself?

He has consistently poked his finger in the eye of the Globalist cabal that wants universal serfdom for us and unassailable power for them.  He ditched the TPP, the TTIP, the Paris Accord and the JCPOA.  Most of these are international agreements which subvert U.S. sovereignty.

And the first three of those moves I applauded, enthusiastically.  But, his reasons for ditching the JCPOA are not the same as the others.  In fact, they are in direct opposition to his stated goals.

Trump even contradicted himself completely in his ludicrous list of demands on Iran during his speech in exiting the deal.  He said Iran took the money from the deal, money we stole from them in the first place, and used it to sponsor terrorism in Yemen and Syria.

While they did, in fact, support the Assad government in Syria and the Houthi rebels supporting the Yemeni government, they did so in opposition to the very globalists and their plans he’s fighting everyday to protect America’s future from.  

Flipping the Script

Iran took the money and supported Assad in Syria.  Syria was a civil war created by the alliance of the Obama Administration, Israel, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Turkey to put paid a 30 year old U.S. foreign policy plan to oust Assad’s family from power.

Syria was the catalyst for all of the horrible events of the past six years under Obama:

  1. The slaughter of Christians in Syria.
  2. The creation of ISIS and empowering of Al-Qaeda in Syria, the Al-Nusra Front.
  3. Smuggling by ISIS of oil from Southeastern Syria into Turkey to fund their operations
  4. The creation of a multi-million person refugee crisis from Syria and all across North Africa as a result of the preparations for the Syrian war and the atomization of Libya.
  5. Those refugees nee invaders used by Angela Merkel to feed the globalist dream of destroying Europe through the destruction of Europe’s culture and history.
  6. The plan to import millions more of them into the U.S. to do the same thing

If Assad had fallen in Syria radical Salafist head-chopping animals would be in charge, ensuring the genocide of all flavors of Christians and Shi’ites in Syria.

And Lebanon would be next.

Syria would become a self-sustaining node of abject chaos for the entirety of the Middle East and central Asia.  It would be a launching pad for the destabilization of the Russian underbelly.  It would also allow Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Genie Energy to export oil and gas to Europe to undercut Gazprom and ensure the EU was a perpetual vassal state to the existing world order.

America Last

All of this would be bad not only for the people I’ve just addressed directly but also for, yes, Americans.  We would suffer as that plan’s success would ensure oligarchic control over our government implementing more identity politics, more cultural Marxist insanity as our standard of living is brought down to match everyone else’s.

So, yes, Trump should be thanking Iran for taking their money back and using it to stop this psychotic plan by assisting Russia, Iraq, Hezbollah and the Syrians in wiping out ISIS and destroying the dreams of the organization that attacked the U.S. on 9/11, Al-Qaeda.

Yes, folks, by demonizing Iran like he has, by pursuing this policy and ending the opportunity for peace absent regime change in Tehran, by upping the stakes for Iran to resist Israel and Saudi Arabia’s plans for regional domination, Donald Trump, the quintessential New Yorker, is aiding and abetting the people most directly responsible for the worst attack on U.S. soil ever.

And he’s being supported in this goal by other neoconservative traitors like Benito Rudy Guiliani, the former mayor of New York whose presidential ambitions were destroyed in a little over two minutes by Ron Paul’s adept exposure of his hypocrisy and bloodthirst.

The problems there are intractable in many ways and Trump’s original instincts, his tweets and campaign rhetoric that echoed the very things Ron Paul ignited the Trump phenomenon in 2016 and led to his election, have been turned on their head thanks to his loyalty to Israel over his own good sense.

Trump was opposed to the war in Iraq.  And yet now he’s in bed with the one man who helped sell it to Congress.  A man who has been so spectacularly wrong about everything in the Middle East that it beggars description, “the most dangerous man in the world,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

As Alistair Crooke informs us:

[Jerusalem Post contributor Ben] Caspit candidly characterises the relationship, post JCPOA, between Bibi and Trump, thus: “There is only one thing that isn’t clear,” one of the people closest to Netanyahu told Al-Monitor, speaking on the condition of anonymity: “That is, who works for whom? Does Netanyahu work for Trump, or is President Trump at the service of Netanyahu…From the outside, at least, upon close inspection, it looks like the two men are perfectly in sync. From the inside, this seems even more so: This kind of cooperation between the two leaders and their two offices — the Oval Office in the White House and the Prime Minister’s Office in Jerusalem — sometimes makes it seem as if they are actually just one single, large office”, a senior Israeli Defence official told Caspit.

The Fart of the Deal

Make no mistake, Trump’s Middle East policy is now indistinguishable from Netanyahu’s.  National Security Advisor John Bolton is there as the ‘resident expert’ to fill Trump’s head with plans for Iranian regime change which feed Trump’s misguided belief that his Nixonian “Art of the Deal” rantings can duplicate his “yuge win” over North Korea.

He will fail.  Because that’s likely not what happened in Korea.  In fact, it’s more probable that Kim is playing everyone to free Korea from both China and the U.S.

But, Trump’s failure with Iran is different and it will mirror Netanyahu’s and Bolton’s failures in Iraq and Syria.  Russia and China will work the diplomatic angle with Europe to help them resist Trump’s over-the-top use of economic sanctions to isolate Iran from the rest of the world.

Europe will only go along with this mess if it looks like the U.S. is winning.  Watch Germany, France and the U.K. carefully to see how they react to his next steps.  The minute it looks like the policy is failing, they will resist and jump ship.

Egypt will not join Trump’s idiotic coalition to have Arab troops ‘keep the peace’ in Syria.  No matter how much money he throws at the Saudis they will never be a viable fighting force.  Turkey has recalled its ambassador from Washington and Tel Aviv and kicked out Israel’s ambassador.

I don’t think Erdogan is down with the plan.

This is simply another dangerous “Plan D” to keep the letter of his campaign promise of bringing our troops home while continuing the policies of the very people he’s supposedly working against as he invites an open-ended war in Syria with Raytheon supplying the guns on both sides.

Because, you know, “Jobs!”

Trump is pot-committed now to a foreign policy strategy straight out of the Bush the Lesser administration which seeks Russia and Iran’s destruction to extend an American empire quickly going broke while sowing chaos among Israel’s growing list of enemies.

And he’ll have no one to blame but himself.  The option for a real peace was in front of him and he chose poorly.

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