Gold Goats ‘n Guns Live — Did Trump Just Set Off the Global Debt Crisis?

Today I go into further detail on why i think Donald Trump’s decision to leave the Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA) is the likely spark that finally ignites the global sovereign debt crisis.

Across markets we are seeing technical breakouts or breakdowns as the U.S. dollar climbs off its near-term bottom and begins making a sharp climb higher.  This is beginning to pressure both emerging market debt and the U.S. budget.  While neither has reached crisis levels yet, it is the change in trend that is most important.

Because with the Fed raising rates, dollar liquidity dropping, foreign central banks selling U.S. debt locally and political uncertainty in Europe, everything is aligning with this big breakout in the price of oil thanks to the war footing of the U.S., Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Brace yourselves for a summer of chaos as the world markets test the limits of central banks already stretched to their policy maximums.

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3 thoughts on “Gold Goats ‘n Guns Live — Did Trump Just Set Off the Global Debt Crisis?

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  2. Tom: lovely sunny day here on the east coast of Canada working on my second cup of coffee going over the events of the world with my wife. We pretty well do this on a regular basis tossing out ideas and questions to each other entering into debates on subject matter that we have discovered on various web sites and the propoganda news by msm.
    We both have our own list of sites we visit including several that have an obvious slant towards the home team but it’s good to know how people see things from that perspective. Having said that, we both like your , ” open minded, out of the box approach “, as well as other bloggers we follow.
    Now to the reason for this ditty. And this comes from she that has the ability to put 2+2 together and after going over it with me on the first coffee , bells n whistles start to go off in my head.
    Tom, the Iranian Deal. Why have all the bad , black hat, SCUM BAGS come out in favour of the deal ? Why have world leaders come to see Trump ? Who put the deal together backed by 60 million dollars from Soros , Plowshares Fund ?
    It’s a massive fraud of kick backs, back room deals, bribes, worth billions. Just like the pay for play Clinton Foundation. She was supposed to win.
    Ok, one more coffee and off to the cottage to pressure wash the deck. RAY

    • As you know I was mostly neutral on the deal seeing it in strategic and tactical terms to achieve original policy goals of destroying Syria by empowering Sunni radicals to destabilize Europe, Russia etc.

      If Trump is exposing the corruption aruond the deal…fine. But conditions have changed since 2015. Like it or not Iran is not going to be bottled back up.

      This is why I say Trump is still stuck in talking points and ideas from 2003. So he and Bolton and Bibi will use this to push the boundaries in the opposite direction and over-commit to regime change, b/c that’s their point of view.

      This isn’t a binary situation and Trump is putting us on a dangerous path. The solution is the middle ground….kill the deal, make a new one and agree for all parties other than Russia to leave Syria.

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