Gold Goats ‘n Guns Live – Israel Amps Up the Anti-Iran Rhetoric, Saudis Go Full Disinformation

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just wasted 30 minutes telling the world what we already knew about Iran’s quest for a nuclear weapon.  And that this justifies every action they and the U.S. takes in their quest to stop this from occurring.

The narrative has been spun up today is that time has run out for talking with them.  Netanyahu’s presentation is long on history and short on motivations.  He even goes on to quote the Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif, “We never wanted to produce a nuclear weapon….”

And that statement can be taken however you want.  The reality is likely that Iran did not want to develop a nuclear weapon but felt it needed to do so given that its enemies both had them and were desirous of regime change in Iran.

So, now the world needs to act on Israel’s behalf to rain fire and brimstone down on both Syria and Iran.  Not a word of this makes any sense in the context of what has been unleashed in Syria by the United States’ desire for regime change in Syria.

This is the underlying cause of the conflict in Syria.  It has the approval of Israel, Saudi Arabia, the U.K. and France but no longer from Turkey and Qatar.  Its goals were two-fold: limit Russia’s influence in the Middle East and deny them a port west of the Bosporous/Dardenelles and bring gas pipelines up from Saudi Arabia and Qatar into Europe via Turkey.

Both of those plans are failing with the international intervention in Syria supporting the Assad government.

Israel, the Trump Administration and Saudi Arabia are pushing this narrative to its breaking point, including Netanyahu’s dog and pony show, the biggest takeaway from which is that either Israel just pulled off the biggest intelligence operation in history or the Iranian government has real troubles if there are traitors willing to give up the archives of its most secret project to Iran’s enemies.

That’s, of course, assuming that any of this is even remotely true.

80,000 Iranian Troops on Israeli Border?

Thomas Wictor is a Saudi Disinformation Agent:

— This thread is pure Saudi Propaganda

This is Simple Ratcheting Up of Hostilities to Justify More Syrian Aggression:

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2 thoughts on “Gold Goats ‘n Guns Live – Israel Amps Up the Anti-Iran Rhetoric, Saudis Go Full Disinformation

  1. though a crash cannot be excluded yet, the market(sp500, dow30..) is giving me the feeling that it is getting ready for a strong uptrend to come(for the coming 2 years).
    the US is sending a delegation to “negotiate” a trade deal with China.(so i can assume that the US has lost the trade war which mean that sanctions on metals will be lifted). I have the feeling that China truly doesn’t want the US to die now or even in the future. they are really looking into a win-win equation. The problem is in the US, they only see others as adversaries not as friends. they don’t believe in friendship.
    A person who needs to lie is a weak person. Iran is a proud and strong nation; if they have or intends to have weapons they will say it (they aren’t weaker than Pakistan). It is just the west cannot see this because it is so strange to its mindset.(also given the media campaign against Iran; it is so BIG)
    tell me, why when people in the west feel sorry for the bloodshed in Syria , their governments (France, uk, Germany..) are the ones who created, funneled and support terrorists there…?! don’t they have hearts..?!
    strange how Zionists got full control (unchallenged) of western governments.
    i feel that the people of the west are as poor as the people of the middle-east or even more poorer. because while the middle-eastern people know for sure they don’t have democracy, the people of the west are living under the “illusion” that they have democracy, while they don’t.

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