When I said yesterday that “The Culture War is Over. The cultural Marxists lost.” I didn’t mean that there was no more work to be done.  On the contrary, the real work is just beginning.

Kanye West just single-handedly fought the Battle of the Bulge in the Culture War.  Good on him.  But, like that pivotal battle, the was still months of fighting left to be done.  Then came the reconstruction.

The Culture War we are living through now is just as massive and just as global as WWII.  No the physical destruction of lives, property and spirits is not comparable, but as Andrew Breitbart said, “Culture is downstream from politics.”

So, to stop another World War it is imperative that this Culture War end sooner rather than later.  And it is necessary for us to sharpen our rhetoric, hold out our hands and begin doing a much better job of making the case for individual liberty and responsibility than we have to date.

It’s time to skewer the appeals to emotion of the collectivist Left and Right and set them straight that it’s only through the rigid defense of the individual’s right to succeed and fail of his own volition that is what will make not only America great again, but world itself.

Because the real fight is between us and the oligarchs who believe they run the world.  Kanye West put them on the run the other day, it’s our job to make sure they don’t regroup.

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