The social media landscape is aTwitter thanks to seven simple words from Kanye West.

From there the explosion of fresh air into a conversation about race, social inequality and identity politics so stale you could make croûtons with it marked a critical shift in the Culture War.

On the same day that Shania Twain bowed to the pressure of the ideologically insane Kanye West did something almost thoughtless (in looking at his Twitter stream) but courageous.

And with those seven words passed out enough red pills to millions of people caught in the false duality of white privilege vs. black oppression.

A narrative created out of whole cloth as nothing more than a cheap social control system to use people’s natural inclination towards self-reflection and decency against them.

We on the libertarian ‘right’ have lived in this head-space for generations.  But, we are  voices in a wilderness of mirrors; too radical to be accepted, too insular to find ways to be more persuasive.

As Kanye West tweets out moments from Scott Adams’ Periscope explaining how that tweet changed the course of the Culture War, the powers that be are lining up to destroy them.

They won’t be successful because so many can now see the code behind the Matrix.

the matrix code

But, at the same time, we’re going to have to pass through an ugly period where they use their very real power to maintain control that is slipping away.

All that and a lot more in 43 minutes …

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