While everyone has been focused on the machinations within the dysfunctional Trump White House, the real stories in the news are coming from Europe.

The European Union is falling apart at the seams and yet the power brokers there continue to act as if they still have everything under control.  The push towards populism and the preservation of national identity is real, growing and far beyond a tipping point.

That said, it won’t stop Billionaire Vampire Squid George Soros from attempting one last color revolution in eastern Europe, his home country of Hungary.  There are reports of as many as 100,000 protesters out screaming for Viktor Orban to “Give us back our Democracy!”

When Orban was just elected with an insane majority in an election process widely overseen by international observers.  It’s all about the narrative folks and what you can create through media.

The same applies with Brexit, though the media campaign as failed, so now it’s down to good ol’ fashioned internal party power politics to destroy it through a Tory revolt against the Gypsum Lady, Theresa May.

And lil’ Soy Boy French President Emmanuel Macron is continuing his scripted part to become the new, attractive face of Europe.  Too bad he’s simply a smarmy, effete quisling of the Davos crowd that created him out of whole cloth.

All that and why Merkel is trapped in her meeting with Trump this week in 35+ minutes.

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