Things are heating up in a way that are finally becoming interesting.  ECB President Mario Draghi continues to admit he’s trapped at negative interest rates and buying European sovereign debt in perpetuity.

Will the market ever call his bluff?

When it does watch Gold, Silver and the cryptocurrencies closely. Speaking of Silver it’s had a nice breakout this week but technically it still has work to do.  As does Bitcoin.  But with tax season behind us here in the U.S. we can now see just how many lives this crypto-bull actually has.

Assad decides to play nice in Syria for the time being, not moving his army into Daraa’a but rather continuing to clean up smaller pockets south of Damascus and Homs.  Eventually he will have to move into Daraa’a where the U.S., Israel, the Saudis and the Brits are committed to not leaving.

Lastly, the great interlocutor for peace Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated unequivocally that both U.S. and Russian military commanders are 100% committed to there being no confrontation between U.S. and Russian forces.

That’s a good sign.  Still not 4-d chess MAGA-pedes, just good old common sense.

All that and more in 33 minutes on Gold Goats ‘n Guns Live.

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