The arrogance and stupidity of Lil’ Miss AIPAC herself, UN Embarrassment Nikki Haley, got slapped down for trying again to control the narrative coming out of the Trump Administration.  It’s obvious that she is a loose cannon who every day outs herself as an agent of a foreign power rather than doing the bidding of the President she swore to serve.

She tried to move the narrative and trap Trump over issuing more sanctions with Russia and got mansplained by Chief Economic Advisor Larry Kudlow.

There is a difference between supporting Israel in its fight for survival in the Middle East and serving a foreign power.  Haley routinely makes this mistake whenever she opens her pie-hole to move policy.  She generally does it over the weekend to coordinate with the Sunday news program cycle still watched by so many Beltway insiders who think we actually care.

The Russian Embassy confirmed for the world the double speak coming from Trump’s cartoonish cadre of compromised counselors.  This only further confirms that the WaPo article I linked to on Monday gives an accurate picture of the situation inside the White House.

I wonder if Haley likes eating her Crow scattered, smothered, covered and diced?

The advisors set policy and Trump is only allowed to deviate from their expert advice by degrees.  Sometimes that’s a good thing.. Friday’s air strikes.  But more often than not, it’s a bad thing.

I discuss this, Korean reunification, and how all of this points towards a desire to break up the Russia/China/Iran alliance and how Erdogan in Turkey is making his move all in just under 37 minutes.

(skip the first 2 minutes where I forgot to turn the mike on *bonk*)

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