“The single biggest problem in communication
is the illusion that it has taken place.
— George Bernard ShawVladimir Putin on March 1st asked the world a serious question?  “Can you hear me now?”  Putin has been pleading with the West for years to cat responsibly and accept the end of the Unipolar moment; to accept a resurgent Russia and central Asia.

But we refuse to listen.

And it’s brought us to the brink on war.  Trump is swimming against the strongest political tide in the history of the planet and may be overwhelmed by it in the end.  As the powerful forces in the U.S. and European Deep States plot against the people, the people continue to say, “No More.”

Meanwhile, Facebook is outed as the most virulent social control system ever imagined, stifling debate while enabling tyrants like Angela Merkel.

This month’s Gold Goats ‘n Guns Investment Newsletter focuses on how a refusal to listen to one’s opponents pushes the world to the brink of nuclear confrontation with Russia and China.

The question is whether Trump is strong enough and smart enough to make it ashore alive.

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In this issue I discuss:

  • The Fallout from Putin’s Historic Speech
  • Why Facebook has Fatally Damaged its Brand
  • A New Portfolio Pick to Generate Strong, Recurring Income
  • Why a Bear Market in Cryptocurrencies is Healthy
  • Why Laura Ingraham Should Never Have Engaged David Hogg

All in 11 pages.

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