That’s exactly what Congressional Democratic Leadership wants done. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer have redefined chutzpah to the point of insanity.

Not three days after the FBI’s gross malfeasance and incompetence in their mishandling of the Parkland Florida massacre, these cretins have the unmitigated gall to publicly ask for another $300 million to add to the FBI’s budget.

But, is that $300 million to deal with real domestic threats to the lives and safety of Americans?


It’s to combat Russian Trolls.

Seriously, I kid you not.

This is a classic example of these people having a narrative prepped and scheduled to wrest control of the news cycle regardless of the optics. The goal is to create layer upon layer of fake news replete with fake (read: paid by George Soros) outrage — that’s what RussiaGate is all about.

Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russian individuals and entities in connection with election tampering is a joke.

And not even a good one by Washington D.C. standards.

This is the kind of joke that hits the audience like a lead zeppelin and the production crew has to foley in a laugh track for the Netflix special.

It’s cruel and disgusting display of lawlessness masquerading as investigation.

Schumer and Pelosi need a wedge issue for the mid-terms elections. And absent anything else to wield against Trump — the economy is good, tax cuts are popular, gun control is going nowhere — Russophobia is it.

And they will run with this all the way to a crushing defeat at the ballot box.

No one in the right mind believes there is anything between Trump, his staff and the Russians. At best all they can conjure up is guilt by association and alternative facts.

What is there was the beginnings of contacts designed to open lines of communications between the U.S. and Russian leadership that would fulfill Trump’s campaign pledge to improve relations with Russia.

Something that we elected him to do, if you can remember back to 2016.

And that is now treason in the minds of grand-standing, hyper-partisan Baby-Boomers like Pelosi and Schumer.

The Real Reason

This is the modus operandi in all statist politics.

If there is government failure it’s not because of incompetence. It’s because the taxpayer is too cheap to give them the right tools for the job.

So, give us more money because we are government and have the moral high ground.

Deflect blame back onto the taxpayer while using the taxpayer’s money to inculcate their children into believing this tripe.

If there is anything this sordid period of U.S. history should teach the average person it is that these people work for themselves and not for us.

We elected Trump and the FBI took it upon themselves to doctor evidence, harass and indict his staff, and collude with members of the executive branch and a private organization (DNC, Fusion GPS) to overturn that election.

Instead of expanding the FBI’s budget by $300 million, it should immediately be cut by $300 million and everyone involved fired and indicted.

If found guilty they should be publicly hung or shot for treason.

If Pelosi and Schumer had an ounce of shame in their family tree going back three generations (because both their parents and grandparents share responsibility in their fecklessness) they would sit down and shut up. But, they can’t.

Winning in Washington is all that matters, no matter the cost, no matter the optics.

Our government is the single biggest organization ever to stride this planet in terms of manpower, real power and consumption of resources.

It employs more than 20% of the U.S. workforce, consumes around 25% of GDP (which shouldn’t be added to the calculation in the first place) and makes a mess of everything it touches.

So, why would we give an obviously corrupt and politicized FBI another $300 million to combat 80 Russians armed with Tweetdeck and Photoshop?

The number is so outrageous it must have a different purpose.

The most obvious purpose is to expand surveillance and curtailment of political activities of Americans, not Russians.  This is about us, not them.  Their real enemy is anyone with enough brain power left to see through their lies.

Another scenario is even worse. This $300 million could be spent to intervene overseas through inter-agency operations, allowing the FBI to pay the CIA to expand operations in Russia.

Neat trick to get around Trump’s proposed agency budget cuts, no?

It also would obfuscate the money path by sticking it behind the wall of ‘current operations’ to stifle FOIA requests.

Mr. President, Tear Down this Blue Wall

No, what needs to be done here is a clean sweep of all of these departments. What needs to happen is election reform to ensure that Schumer, Pelosi and their backers don’t steal twenty House seats in November through more blatant ballot stuffing like what occurred in Alabama in December.

Trump needs to go on the offensive about election fraud, FBI malfeasance and Department of Justice corruption now.  He has the opportunity, politically, in 2018 to crush the Democrats and, by extension, parts of the Deep State and Shadow Government into bits.

Mueller’s investigation is nothing more than a headline generator to assist a broke and busted DNC fund raise for the mid-terms. Why do you think they’re already floating names like Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney for 2020?

This is to give Progressives hope.

But you know what hope is right?

Hope is the thing you have when you have nothing else.

With this latest blatant shill for more taxpayer-funded political witch-hunting, the Democrats expose just how little they have.

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