“Doin’ Good ain’t got no end,” — Capt. Red Legs Terrell (“The Outlaw Josey Wales”)

I had the (dis)pleasure of watching my friend Halsey English go fifteen rounds with alt-right hero Mike Enoch recently.  And it confirmed for me what I always thought about this movement.

They aren’t heroes, saying the taboo things that need to be said.

They are spineless, man-babies whining about how unfair it all is.

Watch the first few minutes of the ‘debate’ carefully and you will see where Enoch loses everything.  He expected Halsey, a Jew, to reflexively defend Jews against Enoch’s claims of so-called “Jewish Power.”

What he wasn’t prepared for was someone willing to cede his point, partially, about the extent of influence that the Jewish lobby has in American and world politics.  And that left the door wide open for Halsey to go on multiple rants about how Enoch and, by extension, the alt-right itself is a fraud.

Identity Politics By Another Name

It’s a fraud because it, like so many groups playing identity politics, are playing the victimhood card.  The alt-right ethos is that the Jewish-led culture war is one targeted specifically at destroying ‘white culture’ and the ‘white ethnicity’ and with it the identities of men themselves.

Note the reductionist language here.  Everyone has been reduced to their basest forms, their tribes define who they are and how they act.

They are playing the victim in the most intellectually dishonest way imaginable, by falling back on basic collectivist tropes.

Their screaming “But, The Jews!” at every turn should be no more convincing to any properly functioning person than “The Jews” in media and government screaming anti-semitism at every perceived slight.

No one who is an astute observer of U.S. and geopolitics will deny the importance of the Jewish lobby, the centrality of Israel’s survival, etc.  But, at the same time, no astute observer will claim it is the only cause of our problems.

Because, the culture war is a tool of a far bigger program.  It’s one born of an intellectual fallacy that infests all of our politics, at every level. Individual, discriminatory choice between outcomes is the basis of all evil in the world and, as such, needs to be removed from society.

This is the hallmark of post-modern French Marxism. It manifests itself in all forms of identity-based political debate, both extreme Left and extreme Right.

It seeks to destroy your ability to consciously choose between desired outcomes when you act.

And by doing this, it sets up a false dichotomy between groups.

You are either someone who supports complete egalitarianism or you don’t.

The goal is to reduce our thinking to a simple set of ab-reactions based on this false equivalence, the logical fallacy of “If Not A, then B.”

The goal of this form of Marxism was and is the elimination of in-group/out-group bias.  That’s our chimpanzee behavior of backing our tribe right or wrong.  And all evil stems from wanting to associate with people who share your values.

Guys like Mike Enoch took that and amplified it to its absurd degree, embracing Nazism.  And when the alt-right was LARPing about this stuff, it was funny.

I’m as disturbed as they are that in the last few  years we’ve gone from forcing someone to bake a cake for a gay wedding to wondering if it’ll spoil black people’s enjoyment of watching latest Marvel banality, Black Panther, with a white person in a darkened theatre.

We’ve gone so far down this path, the headlines are awash with outrage over schools mulling the banning of the phrase “Best Friend” from the lexicon of its inmates students, because it might make someone feel less loved.

Marxism is exactly where this comes from. So does gender fluidity, extreme open-borders policy, the European Union, all forms of political correctness, sixty-three gender pronouns and the Pope.

Alt-right losers like Mike Enoch mistake the symptom for the disease.

In trying to stamp out in-group/out-group bias, post-modern Marxists have undertaken their long march through the institutions to enshrine it at every level of our society.  And now the alt-right has turned these same tactics around to see everything in terms of ‘naming the Jew’ behind the problem.

Litany Against Fear

Marxism is where Trump Derangement Syndrome comes from.

It’s why Remainers in the U.K. cannot accept Brexit.

It’s why Israel sees every pickup truck crossing the Syrian desert as an Iranian plot to strengthen Hezbollah in Lebanon.

It’s why the alt-right sees Jews under every bed and the neoconservative Jews in Washington, like Bill Kristol, see Russia as the bogeyman.

When everything is reduced to either a challenge or affirmation of your sense of self, everything that’s not you is an existential threat.  It’s not hard to see where things go from there.

The reason the alt-right are frauds is because they are no better, ultimately, than ‘The Jews’ they are so afraid of.  But, those “Jews” are really Marxists.

And, make no mistake, the powerful Jewish people in media and government do themselves no favors by consistently over-reacting to everything.  By trying to use the ‘alt-right’ to prove Donald Trump is Hitler reincarnated they ensured its growth from twenty talented meme artists armed with Tweetdeck during the campaign to their much larger audience today.

If they had just left well enough alone this would have petered out and no one would be faced with the odious task of having to defend the free-speech rights of Mike Enoch and the Daily Shoah crowd.  And every action taken to silence them feeds their victim-complex.

However, at its core, the alt-right’s position is a litany of legitimate grievances against the goals of Marxists in positions of power to reshape humanity in their image, some of whom happen to be Jews.

Clash of the Marxists

The real fight, however, is for the soul of the individual, not the right to Tweet obscenities in public.

More importantly, they haven’t, as Halsey kept pointing out to Mike, moved past the point of defining the problem.

They have no solutions other than to complain and act as lightning rods for those disaffected whites who rightfully feel the powerful are actively marginalizing them.

The harder the Marxists in power push toxic egalitarianism to its limit, the worse the push-back will be.    Guys like Enoch are being rewarded with an audience more receptive to their flawed message of, “It’s all The Jews’ fault.”  And that is the sad part.  Don’t believe me?

Scan the 2000+ comments on the debate and tell me Enoch et.al. are inspiring anything other than the same violent groupthink endemic on the Antifa left?

Enoch et.al. have to remember that how you win the war is as important as actually winning the war.  But, that’s not their goal.  Their goal is to catalog the affronts to their castrated manhood by ‘The Jews” and collect rent from their followers for doing so.

But, the truth is that Marxists don’t care about your whiteness. They only care about whether you’re on their side. No egalitarian purity test is too loony to weed out all the non-believers.

And because of this the alt-right, absent a coherent strategy, will act as a breeding ground for exactly the same kind of violence that has manifested itself on the Marxist “Left.”

To them we’re all Nazis. To the alt-right they’re all “Jews” or “Cucks” or “Boomers.”

And that way madness, not solutions, lie.

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