The FISA memo was released by the White House today.  Completely unredacted.  The fight to keep this memo out of the public eye has been intense.  And since it’s existence was made known it has clarified our domestic politics in a way that few objects ever have.

With Russia-gate failing, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation stalling, this memo will make it clear that the only thing that matters in Washington D.C. is winning.

Political victories, not serving the people who elected you, are more important than any other consideration.

From Rep. Adam Schiff’s increasingly desperate attempts to stonewall the truth to the FBI’s predictable appeals to secrecy from law enforcement to cover corruption, this memo is lifting the scales from the eyes of voters all over the country.

It’s telling them the cockroaches have run out of corners to hide in.

Time to put on our pointy shoes and start kickin’.

The reaction to this memo puts paid the classic libertarian critique that an organization’s highest priority is self-preservation.  Doing what you formed the organization to do comes a distant second.

Government creates organizations that are not directly accountable to the people who fund them and therefore can dig moats around themselves to ensure their survival no matter what.

This is the essence of corruption.  It is the essence of why the Swamp needs to be drained.

The FBI is a corrupt and venal organization of power-hungry, self-righteous arbiters of arbitrary justice.  Even the good agents are tainted by the organizational rot.  The same is true in every government department.

No one sees corruption like a government employee with half a conscience.

The pressure to not release this memo comes from formerly very powerful people – Obama and his staff, the Clintons, the DNC, etc. The fallout will be an overhaul from the ground up of multiple powerful agencies within the Federal Government.

This is what Donald Trump was elected to do.

It will destroy the credibility of the Democratic Party.  It will further weaken the credibility of their enablers at the top of the Republican Party.  Make no mistake, no one important in Washington wants this memo released.

They know it will destroy careers and upset the normal way of doing things.


The normal way of doing things is awful.  It leads to abuse, waste, fraud and enables the worst kind of criminal behavior.  But, it also allows a system of corruption to throw dirt on everyone; making all involved, including the good people, choose between staying and fighting within that system or walking away knowing someone worse will come behind them.

That is the means by which these organizations preserve their survival.

And this memo is a direct threat to that.  We may watch shows like House of Cards or even Game of Thrones and see the corruption play out in front of us.

But by dramatizing it we lose our fear of it.

Now we’ll get to see first-hand just how bad the corruption is and for those that still believe Trump is the anti-Christ or at least a repulsive boor, they will have to admit that the campaign against him was wrong.

That winning at all costs is not winning.  It’s just another day at the Swamp.

That mobilizing the resources of multiple intelligence agencies to stop his election, or overturn it, is anathema to what our government exists for in the first place.

The memo shows that this is true.  It’s time to end the childish tantrums, ask for some hip waders and get busy cleaning things up.

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