Private Blog : Bitcoin Cracks $6000, What’s Next?

Title says it all.  I have a number of thoughts about how to play this move by Bitcoin above $6000.  There are a number of issues surrounding this move and its implications for the near future.

You can read it by signing up with my Patreon page ($4/month level).

5 thoughts on “Private Blog : Bitcoin Cracks $6000, What’s Next?

  1. It depends on the coin you are looking to trade. Bitfinex makes a market in about a dozen and is very liquid. HitBTC lists a bunch as well.

    OpenLedger is a distributed exchange with everything on the blockchain…. liquidity is lower b/c of listing fees (minimal, less than $0.01) but it discourages pros from spoofing. OL also makes a market in blockchain-based derivatives of things like the USD, EURO, Yuan and Ruble… if you want to play the forex game and the ability to trade against big moves vs. fiats.


    • 1. Because the blockchain creates a currency that cannot be arbitrarily inflated by a central issuing authority. And, by building in contracts to the transactions, like in ethereum, you now have a platform to build applications that themselves give the underlying p2p network value


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