Preparation is the keyword in this month’s Gold Goats ‘n Guns Newsletter.  Hurricane Irma was a stark reminder that the worst kind of events could spring up and hit you with little to no notice.

When the financial markets begin to break down in 2018, we won’t get any warning of what precipitates the actual crash.  The warning signs are all there and an ounce of preparation for it now will save a pound of anxiety and loss later.

This month I cover that while introducing novice investors to a powerful class of assets to provide strong cash flow to their investment portfolios.

In this issue of the Gold Goats ‘n Guns Newsletter I have :

  1. Two new stock picks to add to your investment choices, including a gold mining company that I feel strongly may be the next ‘Big Strike’ that the industry will hype to the heavens starting next year.
  2. How Russia and China have prepared themselves for a major shift in U.S. Foreign, Domestic and Monetary Policy.  World War III starts in the financial markets and Jinping and Putin have the answers
  3. How the cryptocurrency market will mature in the face of intense push-back by governments around the world.  The sector of the crypto-market that will need to mature to ensure its survival.
  4. And lastly, my editorial on the significance of why ‘taking a knee’ by the NFL players will result in catastrophic changes for media, advertising and, yes, even the Democratic Party.

I hope you enjoy reading the issue as much as I had writing and preparing it.  For those reading this if you have not subscribed yet, you can by signing up at my Patreon page and then clicking this link.