Private Blog: Saudi Arabia and Russia

I’ve got a new post up on the Private Blog at my Patreon discussing the latest news concerning Russia and Saudi Arabia.  This is important stuff.

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2 thoughts on “Private Blog: Saudi Arabia and Russia

  1. Tom , I would like to join your private blog, but can not figure out how to join, I would like to pay your fee
    thur my debit visa card but I do not want to go thur any of face book or any other median that spy on us
    Also I want to tell that your analysis are excellent I have been doing research on what is going on in world for the pass 10 years after i lost all my wealth , 2008 time frame and i concur with you !
    Thank you for all your hard work.

    • Thomas,
      Thank you for the kind words and I understand your dilemma.

      You do not have to use Facebook to sign into Patreon.

      You can simply make an account with Patreon and attach your CC to it. And, yes, I know that isn’t really the answer you’re looking for.
      My advice is to never use anything on the Internet that is tied directly to your bank account. So, using a debit card is dubious in my opinion. Better to have a low limit card for Internet purchases (like this one) that you can keep track of and pay off every month. That way any damage or theft is very limited.

      I do not have the infrastructure to take payments directly. I will work on a scheme to accept cryptocurrencies in the future to help people like yourself.

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