Why the tone-deaf NFL is committing ritualistic suicide and why the fans will not be coming back.

Donald Trump is winning the culture war with the Left, sometimes in spite of himself.  It has been a rough few weeks for the MAGA crowd.  Trump first cut a deal with the neocons to cede them foreign policy.

Then Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka quit.  Then Trump did the unthinkable and made a deal with Nancy Pelosi (Antifa-CA) and Chuck Schumer (Crybabies-NY) over both the debt ceiling and DACA.

Then Trump endorsed and campaigned for Luther Strange in the Alabama primary against the obvious MAGA candidate, Judge Roy Moore.  It was part of the deal with Pelosi and Schumer to help them not lose too much in the upcoming mid-terms elections.

Since Trump has obviously has set himself at odds with the GOP leadership, namely Paul Ryan (Uniparty-Wi) and Mitch McConnell (Losers-Ky), keeping Schumer and Pelosi somewhat mollified is part of navigating the swamp to keep afloat to fight another day.

And just when it looked like Trump had sold out his base completely, along comes the NFL.

MAGA Max Fury Road

Now, I like the adage that when someone you don’t like is destroying themselves it’s best to not interfere.  But, in this case Trump, ever the media-savant, knew how to retain his base’s support by helping the NFL throw themselves under the political bus.

And we’re not talking some little step-on/step-off trolley kind of bus here.  We’re talking more like a big ol’ double-decker Grumman nightmare straight out of Mad Max Fury Road.

Because that’s what the NFL did when it decided identity politics were more important than entertainment.

Professional sport is the last refuge left in this country where we can still come together, right or left, black or white, gay or straight, put on the same jersey and tail-gate our hearts out for our team.

Everything else has been politicized.

Love of your local sports franchise transcends politics.  It come from the same place inside us that love of country does, our inherent need to be a part of a group that values us.  It gives us the outlet to let go of the week’s stress and lose ourselves in a game that, right or wrong, helps define who we are and what our community stands for.

And that’s what the tone-deaf NFL players and corporate management spit on with their idiotic protests, regardless of the rightness of their cause.

That’s what the MAGA coalition is responding to.  It’s the same reaction they had to the field of awful Republican candidates two years ago.  And they threw those guys no bones.

They gave them zero f&*ks.

No, Really, They Just Hate You

What you people at the NFL offices, the ideologically-puritan Left and the media refuse to understand is that they didn’t choose Trump because THEY LIKED TRUMP.

They chose Trump because they HATE YOU.

And if Trump strays too far they’ll dump him and go with someone else.  Trump is the vessel for their disgust at being preached to by a bunch of hypocritical windbags. The tireless virtue-signaling about irrelevant twaddle can no longer mask the costs of disastrous policies on their families.

They were angry at being castigated as villains in a nihilistic culture war dividing people along false-dualities while the real villains get away with unimaginable corruption, stealing everyone’s wealth.

The last ten months of histrionics were the last straw.

They saw through the lies and the narrative-spinning.

The endless moral preening and the blatant propaganda.

While you, the clueless leftist, continued to stew in a swamp of denial; refusing to believe that 63 million Americans could have voted for Donald Trump of their own volition.

We had to have been duped into voting for Trump.  That’s why you can’t let go of “Russia Hacked muh Election.”  Do you realize how stupid you look given the mountain of non-evidence you ignore?

Your arrogance and condescension may help you sleep a little better at night but the insult was not lost on the MAGA crowd.

And these same people who voted for Trump are the same people who give the NFL the lion’s share of its revenue.

The Path to MAGA

Please continue to try and talk about why the NFL players “took a knee.”  I implore you to continue to defend them on Facebook and Twitter.

Every time you do the media and the NFL die a little more quickly.  Every day another MAGA voter gets his wings to fly off like Neo at the end of The Matrix and “show them a world without you.”

That’s what happens when another dude goes on camera and burns $4000 worth of season tickets.

They are burning Colin Kaepernick in effigy while playing the National Anthem, you idiots.  You’re losing the war and are truly too self-absorbed to see it.


Frankly, this may be the greatest political moment of my life. Watching y’all hand over a $9.5 billion control system like the NFL to a bunch of angry, middle-class white guys and burning it to the ground is soul-enriching.

Like I said at the outset, never get in someone’s way while they are destroying themselves.

That’s why they rallied around Trump’s defense of the country and the national anthem.  And it’s why they ignored his backing Luther Strange and elected Judge Roy Moore.

They didn’t choose Moore because of his qualifications. They chose him because they knew he was one of them.  He was on their team.

The NFL players just told a majority of their fans they are not on the same team.

As a service provider you cannot dictate to your customer. If you do, you will find they always take their loyalty elsewhere.

Trump knows this.  And that’s why, despite all of his mistakes and bad deals they’ll give him a stronger Congress and a second term.

Because despite the Swamp’s pull, he’s still on their team.

This article originally appeared at Halseynews.com

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