I just listened to a very interesting podcast about the Commodity Ad Network, the first blockchain-based ad network designed to directly compete with Google’s Adsense.

You need to stop reading and listen to this. Then hit their website and/or read the whitepaper.

With the acceleration of censorship, demonetization and outright banning of alternative news and those that promote it, we are getting dangerously close to an Orwellian nightmare unfolding in the history of not only the internet but society itself.

When I see what is happening it is obvious that things are changing rapidly and how the advertising agencies are clueless as to what’s going on. Google isn’t. They know they are reaching their peak and that’s part of what is fueling their demonetization schemes.

I wrote about the apocalypse that is occurring in advertising recently in response to ad-giant WPP’s recent earnings.

So, where is the growth in mobile advertising for Apple and Google going to come from in this environment?
Moreover, do you think this shift from older media to mobile will continue if both companies persist in identity-politics-driven restraint of trade which does nothing but piss off their customers?

No, it doesn’t. What it does is hasten the development of alternatives to their platforms that become immune to them while opening their shareholders up to massive class-action lawsuits.

What’s awful about all of this is that Google has decided that they no longer need the business of those they disagree with. The government and the media have cowed advertisers to not want to support racists or misogynists or (now) white supremacists so it’s easy to just cut us completely out of communicating with each other and for advertisers to market to us.

If Google’s reach was just in search and advertising it wouldn’t be a problem. Competitors could enter the marketplace and build competition. But, when they also own a duopoly with Apple to limit access to the mobile internet (that part that is growing the fastest) then they control the whole information supply chain.

That has to end, and the best way to hit them is the one area of Google’s business that is still growing, ad revenue from Adsense. While the advertisers aren’t happy with social media, ad rates from search is still a growth business.

So, enter CDX and their promise to build a better ad network for both content creators and advertisers….and ultimately consumers.

This is exactly the kind of service that is desperately needed in the marketplace yesterday. I love the speed by which the free market is responding to these new threats from The Powers That Be.

The ICO is happening now. They aren’t trying to raise $100 million, but rather $2 to $5 million. That’s enough to get started, build the server farm, develop the back-end and sign up the initial lot of content creators and advertisers.

I’d be a lot more skeptical of this if the ICO number was lot higher. These are ERC-20 compliant tokens, so you can store them on your Trezor, etc.

I’ll have more thoughts on this as time goes on. That said, I threw a few hundred bucks at them as a bet and for moral support.

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