With the reflexive firing of James Damore Google proved to millions it is as evil as the ‘fringe right’ has been saying for months now. 

From my latest over at Halseynews.com

Google has crossed the Rubicon in the minds of people who wouldn’t be convinced of their behavior until there was proof.  Because, believe it or not, we mostly project our own reactions on to other people when assessing their range of behavior.

It is our normalcy bias.

And, contrary to MSNBC, the DNC and the editors at the HuffPo, Most People are neither Social Justice Idiots nor are they mouth-breathing, closet racist Nazi sympathizers.

Most People are of the “live and let live with” type more than a modicum of pathos and humanity.  Most People aren’t ideologically-driven to remake the world in their image.

And so, when you confront Most People with the idea that Google, the company that Most People use for the day-to-day managing of their lives, is not a profit-driven provider of service for money, but actually a viper’s nest of closed-minded bigots and intolerant crazy-people they are immediately, in the common parlance now, “red-pilled.”

Now, Google, in the minds of Most People, gets lumped in with the same Antifa thugs destroying property in the name of ‘free speech’ that Most People actually despise.

Thanks Google.  No one could have red-pilled that many registerd voters as quickly as y’all just did.

Bless your little hearts, like we say here in the deplorable South.

Read the rest and cheer on Peak Google.

That Google’s management stepped in this trap so easily should be shocking.  But, as I pointed out in a recent blog, Smart People Do Stupid Things. because of their programming.

And these are people so ingrained with their own sense of rightness (and righteousness) that they can no longer distinguish between honest exploration of issues and honest bigotry.

They’ve been successful to this point using these ‘scripts’ to achieve their goals, so they will continue using them and, worse, defending them to the point of their own destruction.

In the markets, this is occurring with money managers and central bankers.

None of krugman-in-case-of-economic-collapsetheir models work.  None of their theories have ever proven correct.  But, they have ideas in their heads that they cannot let go of and will continue implementing them until the end is here.

Remember, “No one saw the last financial crisis coming.”

…except for a few Austrian economists and libertarians who rejected those theories and went against the herd.  And they are still roundly dismissed by the dominant intelligentsia.

My wife and I built a house in preparation for the housing crash. That decision (and the hundreds of decisions after that) helped us navigate these times with some degree of success.

It helped us convince my mother to sell her over-priced condo in Marco Island, Fl and build a nice house near us in rural North Florida. That decision alone left her with enough money to survive the Lehman Bros. crisis and leave a decent-sized estate to her four children.

Big decisions at the right moment in time can create great opportunities for wealth.  Knowing that Google has reached its zenith in the minds of its end-users AND its source of revenue, advertisers, is one of those moments.

It’s a gift far greater than that of the convenience of your Android phone.

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