It was the best of fundraising times, it was the worst of fundraising time.  The Democratic National Committee’s June finances reveal an organization that is on the verge of complete collapse, much like their strategy for opposing the libertarian right’s eventual takeover of the Federal Government through President Trump.

Zerohedge has the breakdown and it’s damning of just how badly the DNC’s finances have been mismanaged.

And while we’re sure that the new DNC Chair would love to forget all about that Georgia race, as the Federal Election Commission’s June financial reports reveal, his deflated balance sheet, which included only $7.5mm of cash and $3.3mm of debt, serves as a constant reminder of the wasted money that he’d undoubtedly love to get back.

What’s important is that this is not just a function of the obscene amount of money the DNC spent to lose in Georgia’s 6th District, but that its fundraising trajectory has been decidedly negative all year.

It’s not just the losing that has DNC donors down in the mouth, it is their strategy.  The recent WaPo/ABC Poll noted (with massive Democrat oversampling BTW, just in case you thought there was any sliver of a silver lining in these results) that more than half of the respondents thought the DNC stood for nothing other than in opposition to Trump

Poll DNC position

This poll was sampled with 35% Democrats.  Since the actual number of Democrats in the U.S. is closer to 25% this is a gross over-estimation and still these numbers are horrific.

Rich RNC, Poor DNC

Meanwhile the Republican National Committee keeps reporting record high fundraising numbers which puts them in the driver’s seat for the mid-term elections should this trend continue.

And it will since Trump has very successfully framed the narrative that the obstruction to his reforms come from ‘inside the swamp’ and that the resistance to it has revealed itself to be borderline treasonous.

Only the butt-hurt hard-left who are still in complete denial that the U.S. electorate can’t stand them and their politics continue to tune into Rachel Maddow nightly in the hopes she’ll transmogrify into a real journalist and uncover the real dirt on Trump that  they just know is lurking in the void.

Trump and the RNC are going to need that money because they not only have to fight against weakened Democrats in a number of contestable Senate seats, they also have to spend a ton of money mounting primary challenges to RINO’s like Speaker of the House Paul Ryan to truly begin Draining the Swamp.

This is especially true now that Kid Rock has thrown his hat in the ring against Debbie Stabenow, a seat no one in their right mind thought was in play.   And now it is because Kid Rock is going to raise a metric crap-load of money and Trump won Michigan.  The DNC is going to have to put money and time into that race to defend Stabenow’s committee seniority, one of the lynch pins to their legislative strategy to oppose Trump.

Money and energy they simply don’t have.  Even if Stabenow wins the race, it will materially affect the outcomes of other races.

Apocalypse Democrats

Look, I’m no fan of either party.  I’m just calling this as I see it. But, the truth is that the centrist libertarian part of the electorate is awake and energized.  They are full of positive energy and have all the momentum.  And they are infecting the GOP much to the consternation of the RNC.

Whereas the cultural Marxists at the DNC have a bunch of Millennial jackasses running around on George Soros’ money, their anger fueled by a misguided sense of what’s wrong with the society, and a failing media to keep them afloat.

But, none of that translates into votes at the ballot box.  In fact, it is a recipe for collapse on election day.  Normal Americans are more horrified by Antifa and Black Lives Matter than they are by Trump’s Twitter storms.

While one behavior may be seen as somewhat un-presidential, the other’s is distinctly Un-American. 

This is the strategy the Democrats have adopted because they have nothing else.  They’ve lost the arguments of ideas.  Marxism is a failed ideology that has produced the polar opposite of what it promised.

Capitalism isn’t perfect but they also know wealth redistribution doesn’t work either.  Power of the elite is the problem.  Once Trump is able to push forward without the petty opposition he’ll make his case to them.

This is why impeachment is the Democrats only path to victory over Trump.  The threat is real, make no mistake.  And it’s why it has to happen soon before Trump’s vote fraud commission comes back with the final nail in the DNC’s coffin, which it will.

In the end, the psychological bill for all of their fecklessness will be paid at the ballot box.  The rejection of sovereign debt and spending our grandchildren into Soros’ Debtor’s Prisons is just around the corner.

2018 is shaping up to be a devastating year for a lot of people.