Special Investigator Robert Mueller announced he will widen his investigation to include Donald Trump and his associates’ business dealings with Russia.  Right on schedule to bury the implications of John McCain’s brain cancer.

From my latest at Halsey News:

Once it was confirmed McCain is in serious trouble, the news breaks, conveniently, that Special Investigator Robert Mueller will be expanding his search to include Donald Trump’s business dealings and those of Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort.

And here is where the Deep State strikes back. Mueller has serious ties to the Clinton machine. With McCain out of the picture and his procedural opposition to Trump gone, the Deep State now has to keep the pressure on Trump and the hopes of insane Democrats for impeachment alive.

There are no coincidences in the news cycle. Everything is stage-managed for maximal effect. When it could no longer be held back that McCain’s blood clot was actually a glioblastoma, the response had to be something firmly negative for Trump to dominate the news cycle.

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Expect the news flow of negatively-tinged stories related to this to accelerate in the coming days.  This is Mueller’s job, to hang Trump however he can and deflect from the turmoil left in the wake of McCain’s absence.

My biggest worry is that McCain survives long enough for them to use him for a sympathy vote for some horrible anti-Iran policy decision, or worse, as the deciding vote in an impeachment trial of Trump.

Put nothing past these people. It’s absolutely who they are.