Billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundation is losing ground in Eastern Europe and now Israel.  This is just the beginning of the push back against his open-borders agenda.

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But, things are changing.  Israel came to Orban’s defense of by simply telling the truth about Soros.  And at that point, no longer can he hide behind anti-Semitism and claim the moral high ground.

Because if the Jewish State is calling you out then that’s pretty much the end of that argument.

For this purveyor of global butchery who openly admits to having a god-complex to claim the moral high ground from anyone not named Hillary Clinton is an act of hubris so disgusting dogs will want to roll in it.

The clincher for me, however, is this report from Zerohedge outlining just how deep the Soros tentacles are embedded in Italy.  Italy is the the vanguard of Soros’ European invasion and the hammer his co-conspirator in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel, uses to beat her Eastern European opponents over the head with.

It paints a picture of a vast network of private agencies that have all aspects of the narrative covered, from press suppression to legislative lobbying to port access.   And the main way to stop their proliferation is to force their finances out into the open.

With the farrago surrounding the repeal of Obamacare that has transpired in the last 24 hours, it’s obvious that there is a lot of changes occurring that point to a real health crisis for Senator John McCain.

Without James Comey running interference at the FBI and McCain blocking all reform in the Senate, it’s beginning to feel like the opposition wall is breaking.  The usual thing for Soros to do after a round of bad press or things not to go his way policy-wise is to write an awful op-ed piece for the Financial Times.

Let’s start the countdown shall we?