I am pleased to announce that my relationship with HalseyNews is growing stronger today.  Our crowd-funding effort to build a new media platform launches today with the  goal to challenge the current miasma of ‘fake news’ and false narratives promoted by both our government and their quislings in the media.

The campaign is hosted on IndieGoGo (Go Here to become a backer!)  and will run for the next few weeks.  The proceeds will be used to capitalize this network and assist independent voices like mine to have a much larger influence on the narrative.

Halsey Testimonial
Still the unvarnished truth, maybe more polish.

What this means, officially, is that Gold Goats ‘n Guns is becoming an affiliate partner in the Halsey News Network.  I will be joined by varied group of committed and talented people to bring you the most honest coverage of the world today from across the spectrum of political thought.


The money we raise will go to radically improve both this site and its reach  I will build new tools to provide both better and more varied content while retaining my independence.  It will help fund the creation of the Gold Goats ‘n Guns newsletter, special reports and lay the foundation for a much more robust experience.

It will allow me to tie together all of the ideas into one solid platform of political and social commentary, information and market analysis that is both unique and, more importantly, valuable.

I have large goals for this project and see the opportunity for cross-promotion across all members of the Halsey News Network as the key to achieving those goals.  I’ve been working with them behind the scenes for months now and I am impressed beyond belief.

Many of them have a passion that I didn’t have at their age and are savvier in how they present it. This crowd-funding drive will give us not only the capital but the obligation to build a better media for you, funded by you and without the baggage of corporate obligations.

As I said in my recent Halsey News article taking down CNN:

News has become, like so many things the internet age, commoditized. What has value is not reporting the events but honest commentary about those events. That’s what we’re (not) tuning in for.

There are so many outlets competing for your attention that do a better job interpreting events that it’s no longer necessary for anyone to tune into CNN ever.

It is the quality of the commentary that drives a viable business.  I don’t want to dilute that by trying to pay for hosting fees with obtrusive Google ads.  In fact, I want to use Google not the other way around.

And that’s why this site will be about earning your business not burying you in annoyance.  While I will host ads on the site, it is not my focus.  In reality, you can’t get good SEO traffic without them.

I agree with every site that begs you to turn off your ad blocker that quality journalism costs money, but it doesn’t have to come from abusing your audience with advertising.  If you can’t sell them a product worth buying, why are you in business? It comes from providing them with value for money.

Quality is the thing that sells itself.   And I wouldn’t have it any other way.