… Donald Trump Jr’s Russian lawyer troubles were held back to be used to control the narrative post G-20. After that we have the slow drip of similarly thin evidence of the Trump campaign canoodling with the enemy last year to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton.

Honestly, these ham-fisted attempts to entrap the Trump team for future blackmail purposes are idiotic. There was nothing a Russian spy was going to tell the Trump team that was worse than what Hillary was doing to herself at the time.

Now we have the anti-Russia rhetoric reaching the unbearable level as Fox News saddles their ratings champ Tucker Carlson with the odious like of Lt. Col. Ralph Peters and the Head of the CFR Goon Squad Max Boot screeching and preening about the moral bankruptcy of Russia, Russians in general and Putin in specific.

And it’s straight out of the John McCain playbook. Claim the moral high ground and attack by invoking Godwin’s Law anyone who dares to prick the Overton Bubble of acceptable thought on U.S./Russian relations…

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