Roger Stone hits a home run with this article at Infowars.

Powell, an intimate of the Bush family who also has strange connections to the Clintons, said that Presidential daughter Ivanka Trump contacted her and recruited her for a White House staff job.

Now we learn that in fact Mika Brzezinski of NBC Morning Joe claims that she is the one who recommended Powell to Ivanka for the plum White House job. Brzezinski is, of course, the daughter of legendary neocon cold warrior Zbigniew Brzezinski who served as President Jimmy Carter’s National Security Advisor.

Dina Powell, who Lee Stranahan has been banging on about for months (and rightly so), is a mole for the Obama resistance within the White House who needs to be purged. This woman is likely the reason why the flow of information from the White House has been so pervasive and so confused.

Trump is a naif on foreign policy. He is a man who acts on instinct and instinct will not guide you through the shifting miasma of foreign policy subtleties. Don’t agree? Look at that speech he gave in Poland yesterday. It sounds like it was written by George W. Bush’s speech writer to justify the Iraq War.

The only line that was missing was the openly Marxist allusion to “lighting a fire in our minds,” for pity’s sake.

If you don’t think that Dina Powell had a hand in that along with the confusion coming out of Tillerson’s State Dept. then I can’t help you. If Powell did lie, or at least omit, her relationship with Mika Brzezinski it makes sense why Trump has been going after Morning Joe so hard in his tweets recently and why she has been so brazenly combative.

Yes, it’s good for ratings, but this is the daughter of Zbignew, the architect of everything that’s wrong with our foreign policy that both the Left and the Libertarian Right decry as counter-productive at best and disastrous to humanity at worst.

And now we find out that Romania and Hungary’s embassies are staffed completely with Soros agents? Stone is right to question why Tillerson hasn’t purged these people, beyond the obvious follow up question, “And replace them with whom?”

He’s got enough of that problem at Foggy Bottom.

Draining the Swamp is good persuasion and its great branding but, like all policies, it’s a long and arduous process. Trump hasn’t helped himself by appointing many of the people he has. And, one can only hope that Putin begins to talk some sense into him this weekend.

Getting rid of Dina Powell and marginalizing Ivanka Trump’s role in the White House, however, would be an excellent start.