… This G-20 meeting is shaping up to be interesting for once. Normally they are boring affairs while self-important oligarchs decide on the future course for the rest of us unwashed plebes.

But, this time there is a real sense that those self-same oligarchs are scared. Why else would there be such a push to try and tie up Trump and keep him speaking on relatively calm terms with Russian President Vladimir Putin?

Trump, for his part, is going to Poland before the G-20 to meet with heads of eastern European countries at the Three Seas Summit. There he will formulate with them a counter-strategy to whatever Merkel and her cronies are dreaming up to attack him with at the G-20 over Climate Change and protectionism.

It is here that Trump can give his blessing to Orban’s hardline opposition to Merkel’s liberal immigration policy. He’ll need it because the lawsuit is only the beginning of the problem for Orban…

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