From Brietbart:

You know Frau Merkel is hopping mad about this. The Czechs just reminded everyone that German aggression will not stand. (I kid, seriously). But, this move to add a Constitutional right to own and bear arms is a rare win in the global putsch towards global Marxist feudalism, especially as designed in Brussels.

The EU is rapidly descending into naked authoritarianism in the supposedly liberal West, while it is the former Soviet-occupied Eastern Europe — Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia — that are forming a resistance after years of U.S. meddling in the post-Soviet era.

These countries will be the first to ultimately tell the EU to go stuff it. They’ve seen the face of Marxist repression as legislated from afar and I don’t see them putting up with much more of this. Remember, all of them still use their own currency so leaving the EU is simply a matter of doing it and telling them to go scratch.

If you think Viktor Orban in Hungary will put up with being ignored, insulted and condescended to by Jean-Claude Juncker before simply walking out and closing the border completely, you are sadly mistaken.

This move by the Czechs reminds me of the stories behind the sweater numbers worn by two of the all-time great Czech hockey players, Jaromir Jagr and Dominik Hasek.

Jagr wore/wears no.68 in honor of the Czech uprising against Soviet Occupation and Hasek wore no.39 to commemorate the German invasion of Czechosolvakia in 1939. I watched Hasek for years as a Sabres fan. That moment below was a huge moment in the history of the sport.

Hitler wanted the Sudetenland for its superior iron ore reserves in order to build out his war machine. Czech steel was one of the early driving forces in WWII. CZ, Česká zbrojovka, is one of the great arms manufacturers in the world.

For me, my personal handgun of choice is a CZ-85 combat in Satin Nickel/Dual-Tone, a slight variation on one of the greatest 9mm handguns of all time the CZ-75. As far as I know it was/is the last SA/DA pistol offered in the U.S. without a firing-pin safety.

So, carrying it Condition 1 cocked and locked is dangerous. I don’t carry, nor would I carry a full-frame 9mm like this anyway. These guns were so prized for their accuracy, reliability and rarity before the Iron Curtain fell that they would fetch enormous prices here in the U.S.

And let me tell you, it is a jaw-droppingly great gun, especially for the price.

Vive la Czechs. Great people who make great guns who will soon, once again, remind everyone that self-defense is a basic human right.