Hungary’s parliament just declared the same war the Russia did on George Soros’ Open Society Foundation.  And, since this is Soros’ home country, it should sting quite a bit. The goal of EU policy has been to marginalize President Viktor Orban using Angela Merkel’s tyrannical refugee quota and erode Orban’s support.

One only needs to take a look at what just happened in Macedonia to see what’s being planned for Budapest — a minority, hostile takeover funded through external pressure.

And there ethnic Albanians, likely with ties to the global heroin trade funding ISIS, staged a Soros-backed coup.

Orban, for his part, met with Russian President Vladimir Putin in March and I’m sure this move was discussed and the moves to make after the bill’s passage.  Hungary, like Poland and the U.K., can better defend themselves against Brussels because none of them use the euro.

This bill only forces the money out in the open, which is necessary.  But, more needs to be done.

This bill passes at the same time that the EU formally sues Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic over not taking in Merkel’s refugees.

The three EU states have acted “in breach of their legal obligations,” the commission said in a statement, adding that it had previously warned the countries to observe “their commitments to Greece, Italy and other member states.”

The Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland “have not yet taken the necessary action,” the statement says, claiming that the three EU members “have not yet relocated a single person.”

“Against this background… the Commission has decided to launch infringement procedures against these three Member States.”


Good luck with this Brussels.  There is a ton of money waiting on the sidelines to see if these countries will stand up to Brussels and repudiate their agreements with the EU over this issue and everything else.

It’s what they should do.  Brussels and the U.S. Deep State cannot fight five or six different political wars of EU secession at the same time and still maintain the faith of the markets.  These three countries are headed for a big showdown with the EU who can ill-afford more tension given the deteriorating situation in Spain over Catalonia’s independence movement and Brexit.

I’m sure this move by Brussels comes on the heels of more perceived political victories in Britain, France (Macron’s big win in parliament amid mass abstentions) and Italy, where Five-Star Movement fared poorly.

From AP/US News

The bill passed by the governing parties led by Orban compels groups getting more than 7.2 million forints ($26,200) a year from abroad to register the fact with the courts and announce in most of their online and printed publications that they are foreign-funded.

Non-governmental organizations will also have to list any foreign sponsors giving them more than 500,000 forints ($1,800) a year.

The law is nominally meant to increase transparency among civic groups and boost efforts against money laundering and the financing of terrorism. Religious and sports organizations, as well as those representing ethnic minorities, are exempt from the law.

“No one wants to limit anyone’s operations in Hungary … but organizations whose foreign financing is not known can’t be allowed to take part in Hungarian public life,” said Gergely Gulyas, a deputy parliamentary speaker and member of Orban’s Fidesz party.