2 thoughts on “Gold Goats n’ Guns Podcast – 4/29/2017

  1. Tom. My goodness, i’m gutted about your recent turmoil. Glad to see your are just pushing right through it.

    I’ve watched almost all of your scopes (some of them even live), although I continue to refuse to sign up for a Twitter account. I just value my privacy, as much as I’m able to keep it anyway. So, I am struggling to find a way to reach out to get a message to you. I’m guessing (hoping) that these podcast replies are not public, since I don’t see any others available to read.

    I would definitely be interested in your future subscription services – in whatever form that takes. I’m not sure if my email address will be available to you with this reply. Please feel free to use that, if you are able, or i can provide my cell number for texting. If I do not hear back from you, I will try again.

    Stan M

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