1. Tom. My goodness, i’m gutted about your recent turmoil. Glad to see your are just pushing right through it.

    I’ve watched almost all of your scopes (some of them even live), although I continue to refuse to sign up for a Twitter account. I just value my privacy, as much as I’m able to keep it anyway. So, I am struggling to find a way to reach out to get a message to you. I’m guessing (hoping) that these podcast replies are not public, since I don’t see any others available to read.

    I would definitely be interested in your future subscription services – in whatever form that takes. I’m not sure if my email address will be available to you with this reply. Please feel free to use that, if you are able, or i can provide my cell number for texting. If I do not hear back from you, I will try again.

    Stan M


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