Mueller Plays Grinch, Flynn Becomes Martha Stewart, Russia-Gate Ends

So, the beginning of the end of Special Council Robert Mueller’s investigation into “Russia-Gate” is coming to an end. How do I know this? Getting former National Security Advisor to Donald Trump Michael Flynn on a single ‘lying to the FBI’ charge means that after six months of investigation Mueller confirmed what we already knew, … Continue reading Mueller Plays Grinch, Flynn Becomes Martha Stewart, Russia-Gate Ends

Hungary Now in Soros’ Crosshairs

Despite once being close friends there is no love-loss between Hungarian President Viktor Orban and billionaire regime-change champion George Soros.  Orban, like Russian President Vladimir Putin, has taken up the mantle of defending eastern European interests against Soros as Putin has for Russia’s interests. And this is precisely why they are both vilified in western … Continue reading Hungary Now in Soros’ Crosshairs

Bitcoin, Nuclear War and the “Real World Use” Argument

I received a comment this morning challenging my contention that Bitcoin should be thought of as a foundational asset for the crypto-based monetary system. With Bitcoin inching towards $10,000 arguments like this continue to be made by gold-bugs (of which I’m one) and hard-asset enthusiasts because they make fundamental errors in their analysis of Bitcoin. … Continue reading Bitcoin, Nuclear War and the “Real World Use” Argument

Chart School – Consolidation and Reversal

Something interesting is happening in the Bitcoin Gold market right now.  Yesterday there was a massive move up above $382 after a temporary bottom formed near $320.  Since then the Bitcoin Gold market has given up most of those gains, but what's interesting is how it has done so. Look at the chart below and … Continue reading Chart School – Consolidation and Reversal

Being Thankful : Empire-Ending Headlines

It’s been quite a week geopolitically.  From Angela Merkel admitting she can’t form a coalitionand calling for new elections to Syrian peace talks opening up in Astana.  From the poppy fields of Afghanistan to the Syrian oil fields east of the Euphrates River there is a hint of fresh air in U.S. foreign policy emanating from … Continue reading Being Thankful : Empire-Ending Headlines