Russia is Serious about Ethereum

This report from RT tells us that Russia’s plans for Ethereum go far beyond what Singapore is thinking about, namely having it take over most basic clearinghouse functions. Putin wants more accountability in government as well as professionalism in Russia’s financial sector.

In order for Russia to become the regionally dominant player across a vibrant Central Asia, it will have to be a leader in banking and finance. It is not that today, at least in ways that rival the West.

Bitcoin Is More Than A Safe Haven … It’s What’s Next

Ethereum, simply put, builds on Bitcoin’s ledger system to create ‘smart contracts’ that can house more nuanced information.  Ethereum can close a property transfer (like buying a house) with all of the legally necessary information embedded and verified.
But, more importantly, we can build distributed applications (DAPPS) on top of the Ethereum blockchain. For me this means the end of voting fraud.  One person, one vote.  Verified in the blockchain.  No singular nodes of corruption like a Supervisor of Elections stuffing a ballot box, or Diebold machines programmed to George Soros’ preferred outcome.