Gold Goats n Guns Podcast Episode 8 -Trump’s Riot Act, Merkel’s Insanity and Rouhani’s Mandate

Show Notes:
— Trump’s Speech to Arab Leaders was a game changer
— His trip to Israel can now build on the foundation for peace started by Putin
— The Saudis are facing economic extinction and needed to sue for peace.
— Angela Merkel is economically illiterate and will destroy the EU
— Iran’s Presidential Vote gave Rouhani a major mandate and was a wake-up call for the Theocracy.
— Gold and Silver need to push higher soon.
— Oil is creating a bull trap, especially Brent.
— Student Debt is punitive and needs to be discharged to clear the market
— but the banks must pay into any Jubilee.

Is RussiaGate the End of Operation Dump Trump?

It is obvious to me that the Washington Post leak was timed to overwhelm the news about Seth Rich being Wikileaks’ source. It’s also obvious that the Clintonistas knew Rich was the leaker and that there was no DNC hack because they began the ‘Wikileaks is a Russian agent’ meme months ago to discredit them as a source.

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