Interview: Ron Paul and the Never-Ending Story of Empire

The other day was felt like the fulfillment of a life goal. Sitting down to talk politics, economics, and climate with the irreplaceable Ron Paul was beyond a thrill, it was an honor.

It’s been a long time coming. This blog and the content I produce is the culmination of a fifteen year journey towards this. It began innocently enough with reading one article at back in 1999, right after the site went live.

Then I read the rest of them. That day and pretty much every day for years. It took me six years to get up the courage to submit a piece to Lew for publication.

For me discovering LRC, the Mises Institute and Dr. Paul were like a lot of young men today discovering Jordan Peterson.

It was life-affirming. And it gave the next phase of my life something it was missing to that point — direction, shape and purpose.

I was there in 2008 when Ron Paul did the bravest thing I’ve seen a politician ever do, stand up to the bully Guiliani on the world’s biggest stage and criticize our foreign policy. It was the spark that lit the fire that led to where we are today.

It showed a strength and depth of character that leapt off the screen and galvanized the silent majority to be silent no longer. And the rest was a refutation of the end of history.

Today we stand on a point in the continuum, a possible inflection point in the direction the world will go. Embrace the tired and ugly Marxist filth that destroyed hundreds of millions of people in the twentieth century (and altered the trajectory of history) or reject it whole cloth and build new institutions learning from those incalculable mistakes and horrors.

Donald Trump has revealed himself to be a two-bit, tiny man with delusions of grandeur, the blackest of hearts and bad ideas. The only thing worse than him at this point is his opposition, those that erected this edifice of corruption, filth and death.

So thanks again to the people at the Ron Paul Institute that made this happen. Now, on with the show.

11 thoughts on “Interview: Ron Paul and the Never-Ending Story of Empire

  1. Loved this interview. I want to comment on ‘global warming’ question. Shouldn’t We be pointing to the Fact NASA is the one who is causing this through their Geoengineering programs. Spraying the World with Aluminum so as to control the weather seems to be a Psychopathic idea. It should be obvious to anyone who looks at the Sky. I see these white Jets All the time in Chicago area. They do these Long sprays, it changes form, then rains within 24 hours. They are out here at least twice a week. It’s killing off Trees, Bees, Whales & Us. Daniel Valdez

  2. Excellent. Good job Tom. I thought maybe your going to mention you NASA contact (Casey?). That was a great interview too.

    • I didn’t have time… John Casey is a great guy but the Valentina Zharkova information is the latest and probably least well known.

  3. Wow, great interview. What a honor to have Dr. Paul impressed with your work! I hope this brings many new readers & subscribers.

  4. Great interview! Especially the parts explaining the problems that the United States will experience by its unending quest for empire-building, and also the Great Global Warming Scam.

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  6. Tom, this was a glorious experience. The first time that my wife and I sat down with Ron Paul has been
    nearly 20 years. We were at a Health and Wealth Conference in San Francisco when our oldest son
    had a stroke on an SFO street. The last day of the program we had breakfast with Ron, another doctor,
    my wife (RN) and self (RPH) at a close get together small table.
    Dr. Paul, like myself, grew up on a small dairy farm, pulling tit and shovelling s–t..
    Life has been a great battle, reaching 90yo 3 days ago.
    Keep up the good work, Tom, the Ides of March are upon us.

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