The Ramp Up to War on Iran is Here

John Bolton never met a war he didn’t like, except Vietnam. That would be the one he refused to fight in.

Today he is calling up every marker he has to create the narrative for a legal justification for an attack on Iran that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spilled the beans on just before the Warsaw Stink Fest last week.

This morning GOP House Organ the Washington Times produced this howler of an exclusive to say that al-Qaeda groups in Syria are getting Double Ultra Secret funding from, guess who?

Iran. Because nothing says team-up like conservative Shia clerics and Salafist Sunni head-chopping animals, right?

Iran is providing high-level al Qaeda operatives with a clandestine sanctuary to funnel fighters, money and weapons across the Middle East, according to Trump administration officials who warn that the long-elusive, complex relationship between two avowed enemies of America has evolved into an unacceptable global security threat.
With the once-prominent Islamic State receding from the spotlight, The Washington Times has learned that the administration is focusing increasingly on the unlikely alliance between Iran and al Qaeda, with what some sources say is an eye toward establishing a potential legal justification for military strikes against Iran or its proxies.

Note: all of those links are simple internal links to Washington Post article categories for SEO purposes. There are no actual sources, only the illusion of sources.

The only people saying this are the ones in the administration and their pet think tankers who provide the same level of credible intelligence as Fusion GPS did for the DNC to ‘get’ Donald Trump.

After the debacles in Warsaw and Munich where the U.S. couldn’t drum up official support for its anti-Iran policy outside those who were behind it already, Bolton needs to lay the groundwork for the U.S. to ‘go it alone’ if necessary.

The narrative of a dangerous Iran is necessary to keep public support for Bolton’s plans to balkanize Syria. He refuses to give up on the dream. This is why the U.S. is refusing to actually leave Syria without a number of poison pills that would then justify going back in there once the obstacle of Trump is removed or, at least, wholly neutralized.

Leaving weapons in the hands of the Kurdish SDF forces, to keep Turkey anxious is one of these. And this article is yet another. The recent ISIS attack is a third. The MEK attack on IRGC forces in Iran is another.

All of this to scuttle the rational solution of allowing Syrian forces to move in, alongside Russia, to stabilize the region east of the Euphrates river and begin the rebuilding and healing process.

Lastly, tt is why we are, as Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, noted after Munich that the U.S. is …

“… actively investing and are forcing their allies to pay for redevelopment of that part of Syria [Kurdish territory east of the Euprhates]. However, they are prohibiting their allies to invest in the restructuring of the infrastructure of the other parts of Syria which are controlled by the legitimate government.” 

If there was any clearer point about how nothing has changed about our plans in Syria, I truly can’t think of one. Putin’s observation that “Presidents change, policy does not,” continues to ring true every day of the Trump administration.

But with the agreement from the Iraqi government to relocate U.S. troops in Syria to Iraq, it looks like we’ll finally have a Troop Pull Out In Name Only.

Promises made, promises kept, right Orange Obama?

Nothing good comes of any of this. But Bolton knows he can’t get his wished-for war with Iran without more support from the U.S. electorate who are absolutely war-weary.

Lying our way into war is a time-honored presidential tradition that stretches back to before Lincoln. It is nothing new.

And viruses like Bolton and his dispensationalist cohort Mike Pompeo don’t care about the after-effects of their messianic drive for their better world. They don’t care one whit about the Iranian people, Syrians or even the Americans they purport to be doing all of this for.

All they know is that in their mind this is a just war to preserve American hegemony because it is an innately better form of tyranny than the ones practiced by literally anyone else.

That should scare anyone with a half-functioning brain. Too bad John Bolton’s isn’t.

5 thoughts on “The Ramp Up to War on Iran is Here

  1. I saw you on the Ron Paul Liberty report and concur virtually 100% with the views you expressed. I was pleasantly surprised to see someone speak out against the CO2/global warming meme which has morphed into the climate change meme (problem is who can ague with this? The climate is always changing to varying degrees). I hope we hit a critical mass and have enough people wake up before these neocons strike yet again.

    • Hank, thanks for stopping by. Global warming is a religion at this point to a lot of people and it will take a lot more than facts to persuade them. But, it’ll happen one way or another. Colder climate creates lapsed Marxists…. just watch. :)

  2. I have a simple rule that turns out to be right almost every time.

    When someone engages in blatant emotional manipulation, usually in the form of trying to scare the crap out of me, then it is certain that what they want is not in my best interest.

    It was this simple rule that led me to the conclusion that Global Warming was a hoax from day one. The data, IPCC scandal and the failure of all of the climate models since the eighties have confirmed that long standing suspicion.

    This rule is why I never believed the neocons and the last eighteen years have proven them to be wrong in every way.

  3. The idea of Iran “teaming up” with al-Qaeda is as farcical as…well, as Obama golfing alongside Benjamin Netanyahu. I’m more willing to believe the United States is teaming up with al-Qaeda than Iran is, since (as you said) these are Salafist Sunni Muslims and Iran’s leadership is Shia Muslim. Those two agree with each other as often as Catholics and Baptists.

    However, I think the United States is really funding al-Qaeda, since they originate in Turkey and Saudi Arabia. The supporting evidence:

    1. Those two are fighting on the same side as the United States;
    2. They are an anti-Assad force;
    3. They are definitely an anti-Iran force;
    4. There were photos available of their leaders breaking bread with such luminaries as John McShame and Lindsey Grahamnesty;
    5. They share the same message as our government’s leaders: “Assad has got to go.”

    Their (al\-Qaeda) anti-United States propaganda always appears to conveniently promote demolition of large and visible targets in the United States, yet seems more elaborate in the visuals than we would expect from people that (we are told) are just one step above cave-dwellers on the evolutionary chart. I guess the only bit of sophistication they have is that they learned computer code. I come to the conclusion that they are a false front operating as a reason to make Americans think we need to stay in the Middle East forever. Whether the Orange Swan is part of that plot, I’m not sure. But I’ll use the words of James Crapper: “He’s an unwitting participant.”

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