Geniuses of The Left and the Glory of Cars

Former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes is most likely going to jail.  She wasn't Steve Jobs with a vagina, she was a fraud. George Soros is not a "billionaire philanthropist" anymore than Hillary Clinton is the "most qualified person to ever run for President."  He's a cross between a virus and a vulture, first indiscriminately killing … Continue reading Geniuses of The Left and the Glory of Cars

Interview – Fault Lines Talking Soros and the Benefits of Decentralization

I did two segments with Lee Stranahan and Garland Nixon on Friday on Sputnik Radio.  Being asked to stay over to have a chat with Michael Kreiger of was a real treat. Here are the two segments: This time with more Kreiger:  

John McCain is Dead – Good Riddance

"Buzzard's gotta eat, same as worms [spit]" — Outlaw Josey Wales John McCain is dead.  Good. There are few figures in American politics more odious than John McCain. McCain was chairman of the Senate Armed Services committee.  The main vector of our aggressive and ruinous foreign policy. He served on the Homeland Security and Governmental … Continue reading John McCain is Dead – Good Riddance