TokenBox – Russia’s Crypto-Answer to Fidelity

  The Russians are on a complete crypto-roll here. I don't know a whole lot about this yet but the introductory (and bespoke) article posted on Russia Insider this morning makes this very intriguing. Tokenbox, best I can tell is a crypto-version of a fund issuer like Fidelity. They're using Ethereum to power the fund-creation system … Continue reading TokenBox – Russia’s Crypto-Answer to Fidelity

Facebook Whistles Past its Own Graveyard

Facebook's proposed pay-to-play changes are the kind of tone-deaf move that will hasten its own demise. I am pretty much post-Facebook at this point.  My relationship with the anti-social network has always been tenuous.  As a member of the initial libertarian vanguard that promoted Ron Paul in 2008 I saw Facebook for what it was … Continue reading Facebook Whistles Past its Own Graveyard