The other night I was on Stefanie MacWilliams’ show Right Millennial discussing the basics of investing, savings and how the Gold Goats ‘n Guns mindset fits into your decisions.

Topics discussed:

  • The difference between savings and investing (Gold)
  • Thinking of the actions you take investing in yourself before investing in stocks. (Goats)
  • How to defend your savings and investments from forces beyond your control (Guns)
  • Relating those concepts to types of stocks to invest in when building your portfolio

It was a good time and I think very valuable for novice investors (like Stef) who are overwhelmed by the world of finance and investing.

Everything about the Gold Goats ‘n Guns ethos is focused on obtaining information that makes it easier for you to make sense of the world so that when the markets give you actionable information you know exactly how to react and how to take best advantage of it to either make money or protect what you already have.

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It builds a story for you of how the world is slowly going mad and how you can invest with confidence to build wealth and create independence for you and your family. 

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