A Loss of Herd Immunity Led to Alexandria

If the population of gun owners drops below a certain level, crime explodes. There are other factors, like economic prospects and cultural bonds, which raise or lower that threshold to violence but guns are the rate-limiting factor. A priori this argument makes as much sense for armed robbery as it does for polio.

Pop Goes the Housing Bubble… in Canada

China's new controls seek to slow down capital flight. Canada's housing boom is vulnerable. The Canadian dollar's rally is overdone. We're headed for another housing bust. This time in Canada. And the key is China. It's no secret that Chinese investors, seeking asylum from the slow-motion credit bust underway there, have been dumping tons of … Continue reading Pop Goes the Housing Bubble… in Canada

Stone’s Putin Interviews: A Revelation

Stone’s films puncture many of the myths of Putin, even the ones held by Americans sympathetic to him.  And that’s why these are important for everyone to watch.  The picture Stone and Putin paint is of an eminently pragmatic man, devoid of ideological fervor, but determined to set Russia on a course of long-term prosperity … Continue reading Stone’s Putin Interviews: A Revelation