May Forming Government Still Bodes Poorly For Pound

That said, in order to keep a hard Brexit stance, May has room to give domestic concessions to Labour. And since Jeremy Corbyn is advocating massive changes to social welfare and wage laws, that bodes poorly for the Pound long term. The silver lining in this from a Brexit perspective is that the Tories will have to be more united or risk the coalition blowing apart. The DUP will push the Tories on positions that are a part of Labour's agenda, like not reforming pensions, higher minimum wage, etc.

Qatar: The Arabian Night Of The Long Knives

From my perspective, it looks like Qatar has stopped backing al-Qaeda in Syria (Jabhat al-Nusra) and the Saudis have stopped backing ISIS. The next step is for Qatar to end its relationship with Hamas. That will make both Trump and Putin happy. Nothing will make the Saudis happy short of claiming Qatar’s gas fields for itself and destroying Iran.