MOAR Winning — Czechs Pass “2nd Amendment” Law

From Brietbart: You know Frau Merkel is hopping mad about this. The Czechs just reminded everyone that German aggression will not stand. (I kid, seriously). But, this move to add a Constitutional right to own and bear arms is a rare win in the global putsch towards global Marxist feudalism, especially as designed in … Continue reading MOAR Winning — Czechs Pass “2nd Amendment” Law

Peak Central Banker? Is This The Bottom In The USDX?

...Now, it’s moving higher as the market begins to think shorter term to raise dollar liquidity if the Bank of England is serious about ending QE, while, at the same time, Mario Draghi at the ECB wants to change course but can’t stop buying sovereign debt or those markets will implode. Neither the euro-zone nor … Continue reading Peak Central Banker? Is This The Bottom In The USDX?

Russia is Serious about Ethereum

This report from RT tells us that Russia's plans for Ethereum go far beyond what Singapore is thinking about, namely having it take over most basic clearinghouse functions. Putin wants more accountability in government as well as professionalism in Russia's financial sector. In order for Russia to become the regionally dominant player across a vibrant Central Asia, it will have to be a leader in banking and finance. It is not that today, at least in ways that rival the West.

The EU Bank Collapse Has Begun

Expect the U.S. dollar, the Swiss Franc and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum to be well bid in the coming weeks. Litecoin, Monero and STEEM will all get overflow bids given the way things have been trading. When valuations become stretched to the upside these and other cryptos will move up and establish new ratios. Gold and silver will, at first, react poorly on dollar liquidity concerns, as will oil. Once the initial panic is over, they will take off like a stolen McLaren P1.

Macron Is Doing Merkel’s Dirty Work With Russia Over Syria

French President Emmanuel Macron’s statement yesterday changes the game in Syria. Until yesterday France had been the most vocal supporter of U.S. regime change policy in Syria. Now it is its most pragmatic critic. This signifies a multitude of changes geopolitically. First, it dovetails with German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s statement that the EU should no longer … Continue reading Macron Is Doing Merkel’s Dirty Work With Russia Over Syria